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Echoes of Listening (||): being with
by Sara Mikolai & Isuru Kumarasinghe

In the light of human-made ecological ruptures and constructed separateness between humans and other organisms, to both artists listening as a practice has yielded humble possibilities of re-encountering and reconnecting, as listening asks us to pause and be with the heard. The piece explores the relationship of listening and body and the affect of one on the other, while allowing close and distant biophony inform their movements and ways of being. How can we experience and encounter other beings, if not with our preconceptions of how we perceive the things around us? Challenging anthropocentric perspectives, the work invites sensory and intuitive perception, encouraging mindful reconnection with who and what surrounds us: through listening, moving, resonating and echoing somatic comprehension of coexisting.

The work is a collaboration by Sara Mikolai and Isuru Kumarasinghe, which takes shape as an audio piece in the first part and in a second chapter was further developed into an audio-visual installation.

Audio-Visual installation (video piece 17 min 27 sec)

Size: 400 × 1500 × 500cm

Material: single channel video monitor, 5.1 speakers,, signpos,chair,wildflowers (Siberian chrysanthemum,Elsholtzia splendens),herbal tea

Concept: Sara Mikolai, Isuru Kumarasinghe

Choreography, video direction & edit: Sara Mikolai

Composition, music direction & sound-design: Isuru Kumarasinghe 

Performance: Hasanthi Niriella, Isuru Kumarasinghe, Sara Mikolai

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