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sakhi 03.04

In Bharatanatyam, a sakhi is typically portrayed as a servant or maid who is also the closest companion of the nayaki, the female protagonist of a story. She also appears in paintings, music, poetry, and sculptures. Research findings examining their depiction in fine arts and literature highlight the deep bond between sakhi and nayaki, suggesting a relationship that goes beyond mere friendship. Leveraging the artist's personal experience with these characters from numerous dance pieces in the repertoire over the years, the exploration delves into that which is communicated indirectly. By contemplating the philosophical aspects of absence and presence, and questioning who truly occupies these narratives, the piece speculates on the possibility of a romantic connection between these figures. The piece is inspired by Ranjana Dave's writing on the figure of sakhi.

choreography, concept & performance: Sara Mikolai

dramaturgical assistance: Maya Zimmermann

artistic adviser: Kiran Kumar

a production by TANZTAGE BERLIN 2018

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