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sakhi 03.04

In Bharatanatyam a sakhi* is generally depicted as a kind of servant or maid, as well as the closest friend of the nayaki*, the female protagonist of a story. She also appears in paintings, music, poetry and sculptures. The research findings on their depiction in fine arts and literature desribe an intimate bond between sakhi and nayaki and suggests to be more than mere friendship. Drawing on the artist's own experience with the characters from numerous different dance pieces of the repertoire over the years, she explores the somatic nature of abhinaya (storytelling). Reflecting on the philosophical aspects of absence and presence (and who is actually present and absent in these stories), the piece speculates on a possible romantic relationship between these figures. *Sankrit

choreography, concept & performance: Sara Mikolai

dramaturgical assistance: Maya Zimmermann

artistic adviser: Kiran Kumar

a production by TANZTAGE BERLIN 2018

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