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intervention 03.02

Through this work the artist reflects on what it means to look at a performing body, through a dance which takes place in absolute darkness. Here the performer explores the relationship between movement, sound and space. The dancer works with selected choreographic elements as well as improvisation. Taking brass, the material Salangai (footbells) are made of, as an initial focus of exploring the material in relationship to movement, the performer plays with various metals, their sounds, the movements creating sounds, inviting the audience to listen to a dance. Darkness as a location poses a fundamental philosophical question, on what is present, what is absent, how we interpret both and put meaning to it through aesthetics attached to the seen. The piece invites to question the gaze and further asks what a dance is to each person individually, but also in the broader cultural context of various societies. This piece is the artists first manifestion of her exploration of movement and sound.


choreography, concept & performance: Sara Mikolai

Special thanks to:

Bettina Knaup

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